Turfcide® 400 should be the foundation of any snow mold control program. Turfcide 400 contains PCNB, which is widely recognized as the most effective single fungicide active ingredient against pink and gray snow molds. Turfcide applied alone provides economical snow mold control while its use in combination with other snow mold fungicides delivers consistently exceptional snow mold control.



  • Apply prior to the first snowfall or when temperatures remain below 60 degrees F and extended wet conditions are expected. Turfcide 400 must be moved into the soil thatch layer to be effective. Applications must be followed with 1/4 inch of irrigation water or rainfall on the day of application
  • For control of existing turf disease, Turfcide 400 should be applied at first sign of symptoms



  • Active ingredient: PCNB 40%
  • FRAC Group 14 fungicide
  • Mode of Action: Lipid peroxidation and subsequent disruption of fungal cell membranes

AMVAC Turfcide 400


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