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Ideal PRO Shade Mix grass seed contains 40% Creeping Red Fescue, 20% Chewings Fescue, and 40% Kentucky Bluegrass.  This specialty selected grass seed blend thrives in shaded areas.


Creeping Red Fescue and Chewings Fescue provide germination, tolerance, and durability in shaded areas.


Kentucky Bluegrass is great for wear tolerance, vigorous recuperative ability, and broad-based disease resistance while maintaining high summer density.


Use on residential lawns, athletic fields, municipal and community parks, golf courses, and other high-traffic areas.


Application Rate:

  • 5 lbs per 1,000 sq. ft. (ex. if you have 10,000 sq ft to seed, purchase a 50 lb bag).
  • When seeding new lawn and/or overseeding existing lawn, use with starter fertilizer. 


When To Apply:

  • Spring and fall, between 60°F and 80°F, are the best times to seed, but can be used anytime during the growing season, applicable to your region. 
  • Grass seed germinates when soil temperatures are consistently above 50°F. This roughly corresponds to daytime air temperatures between 60°F and 75°F. 
  • If grass seed is applied in fall, any ungerminated grass seeds will remain dormant throughout winter, then germinate when soil temperatures reach 50°F in spring.


Germination Time:

  • Germination of the grass seed mixture will start between 10-14 days and continue through 21 days. Grass seed will continue to thicken throughout growing season.


Additional Information:

  • Any purchase smaller than 50 lbs will be repackaged into a resealable bag.

Burlingham Seeds Ideal PRO Shade (60% Fescue & 40% Bluegrass)


For any questions, please give us a call at (262) 534-3334. We look forward to hearing from you!

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