Chelated Iron is a nourishing mineral supplement that provides an easily absorbed form of iron required to prevent or cure iron chlorosis (deficiencies) in turf, ornamental shrubs, and trees.



  • Reverses or reduces the pale green or yellow discoloration associated with chlorosis
  • Provides iron in a form that is immediately available to vegetation
  • Remains in the soil for extended feeding
  • Is compatible with tank mixes of most fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, and penetrating aids.


USE ON: Trees, turf, athletic fields, golf courses


APPLICATION: Chelated iron is very versatile and can be applied or injected into the soil, or sprayed directly onto foliage


TURF DIRECTIONS: Dilute 5-10 gallons with sufficient water to cover 1 acre.  Small area may be foliar fed with 8 ounces with sufficient water to spray 1,000 sq ft.


TREE AND ORNAMENTAL DIRECTIONS: For root feeding, use 4 ounces per inch of trunk diameter.  Dilute with 5-10 galls of water and pour or inject the solution around the root zone and drip line.  For foliar feeding, mix 1 gallon in 64 gallons of water.  Spray foliage to the point of run off.  For foliar spraying of large areas of trees and shrubs, use 2.5 gallons per acre.

Total Solutions® Chelated Iron


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