• NUTRITIOUS: Liquid Kelp extract is a high concentrate organic liquid fertilizer that helps plants grow faster, healthier, and stronger by improving overall plant nutrition.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Liquid kelp fertilizer is a natural alternative to artificial fertilizers used for growing plants but without any by-products or environmentally damaging chemicals. The seaweed used to produce kelp fertilizer is sustainable and it can be harvested in a way that is safe for the environment, given that kelp has a particular cell structure that enables it to grow up to three feet per day.
  • STIMULATING: Kelp also contains natural growth hormones that supercharge many plant processes.
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Mix 1-2 oz of high concentrate liquid kelp with 1 gallon of chlorine free water. Water flowers, leafs, and roots generously. Apply ever 1-2 weeks.
  • HARVESTING: Ascophyllum Nodosum is found in the Atlantic Ocean in the cold northern waters. The kelp is collected and then washed with fresh water to remove salt, and then it is dried of the water, and turned into a powder.

Liquid Kelp - Natural Plant Food


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