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Key Features:

  • Stimulates Early Growth & Strong Root Development
  • Helps Establish Healthier Lawns
  • Counteracts Phosphate Deficiency
  • Repeat Maxlawn Starter Fertilizer Application In 4-6 Weeks
  • Check With Your Local Extension Service On Phosphate Laws Prior To Use


When to apply:

Use whenever seeding, overseeding or sodding a new lawn. 


Note: Spring and fall are the best times to seed.


How to apply:

Apply evenly using a properly calibrated broadcast or drop spreader. For best results, work in fertilizer on the top few inches of soil when reseeding or sodding. Performance is improved if application area is kept moist with rainfall or irrigation as roots develop. Refer to product label on back of bag for complete application instructions and precautions.

MAXLAWN Starter Fertilizer (12-24-6)

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