Easy-to-Use Aquatic Herbicide

Komeen Crystal provides consistent, on-contact, broad-spectrum control of submersed aquatic weeds and bottom algae in a wide variety of application situations, including high turnover and small spot-treatment areas. This concentrated formulation allows for low use rates and improved control of nuisance aquatic weeds in deep water, high flow sites, or for spot treatments along shorelines.

  • Granule provides improved delivery to target submersed weeds like hydrilla, vallisneria, and Charophytes (chara/muskgrass) including Nitellopsis obtuse (Starry stonewort)
  • Improved results and reduced recovery versus other contact herbicides
  • No restrictions on use of treated water for irrigation, drinking, swimming, fishing, or recreation
  • Komeen Crystal provides improved control in higher exchange and deeper sites. Typical use rates are 20 - 60 pounds per acre (see chart below for details)

SePRO Komeen Crystal


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