Are aquatic weeds making your water bodies unsightly and unusable? Komeen provides consistent and reliable control of many nuisance weeds (such as Hydrilla, Egeria, Southern Naiad and more) in a wide variety of application situations.


Komeen Aquatic Herbicide is ideal for quick, targeted control of nuisance submersed and floating aquatic weeds. Providing consistent and reliable post-emergent control for ornamental ponds, Komeen's unique chemistry can also effectively control copper-sensitive algae in treated water bodies.


Unique Features, Unmatched Benefits

Designed for surface or sub-surface application, Komeen is a post-emergent herbicide and should be applied directly to undesired foliage. Highly susceptible treated weeds, such as hydrilla, Brazilian elodea ,or elodea, should sink below surface within 7 days and often in as little as 3 days. Less susceptible species or heavy infestations may require longer contact time or higher doses.

  • Faster uptake can deliver the visual results needed, even with demanding or short timelines
  • Targeted control for spot-treatment of tough or unsightly weeds
  • Copper chemistry allows for flexible application around ornamentals and turf
  • Liquid formulation for longer shelf life
  • Effective even in hard water
  • Komeen may also be tank-mixed with other herbicides for increased broad-range nuisance weed control
  • Komeen carries no restrictions for post-treatment water use


Applicators can choose from a variety of treatment methods for unmatched convenience.

  • Spray on the surface by boat
  • Spray from the shore
  • Spray from aircraft
  • Subsurface spray
  • Apply as an invert emulsion
  • Combine with contact herbicides for one-shot algae and weed control


Virtually anywhere nuisance weeds present a problem, Komeen provides the solution.

  • Golf course ponds
  • Recreational lakes
  • Ornamental ponds
  • Potable water reservoirs
  • Fishponds
  • Fire ponds
  • Industrial ponds

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