FEND Off repellent clips (formerly Plant Pro Tec) are a long-lasting and easy-to-use solution to pest problems.  In addition to garlic and carriers, the formulation contains chili pepper to ensure that if an animal likes garlic, it will not take a second bite on a FEND OFF unit, resulting in aversive conditioning of deer, rabbits, and elk.  Animals will stay away even after the odor dissipates.  The units are easy to activate and use and are ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE.


KEY FEATURES: Units last 6 months or more and are made from biodegradable plastic.  The green body absorbs the sun’s energy and causes the formulation to warm, which increases the garlic odor intensity.


AVERSIVE CONDITIONING: The repelling garlic odor and the green and white body of the FEND OFF unit results in aversive conditioning of deer, elk, rabbits, and other animals. The animals will stay away for a time even after the odor dissipates.


APPLICATION: The repelling garlic odor is released in seconds by puncturing the odor barrier. A tool for puncturing the barrier is included with every order.  FEND Off units are easy to use by attaching to leaves, needles, or branches (up to 1/2 inch in diameter) in seconds using the special clip. Place units 2-3 ft. apart to create a barrier around plants. For a plant too small or spindly to hold up a unit, an activated unit can be placed in the soil next to the plant. A unit weights only 0.14 ounces.


LONG-LASTING: The Garlic odor lasts a long time because of the unique design. Once activated, the garlic odor is released over time. The cone on the inside of the device is permeable to the garlic odor but impermeable to air and prevents the oxidation of the sulfur compounds which give garlic its repelling odor. Each unit lasts 6 months or more.

Soil Tech FEND OFF Garlic Clips


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