Garlic Gard is an all-natural, foliar-applied repellent spray that actively repels flying insects and nuisance animals including deer, elk, rabbits, geese, armadillos, and iguanas. Garlic Gard is very effective as a mosquito repellent, and is safe for people, pets, and wildlife. Garlic Gard repellent may be used as a stand-alone formula or it may be mixed with conventional pesticides to enhance performance.  The garlic spray becomes odorless to humans in a few minutes, but remains effective as a repellent for weeks.


BENEFITS: Cost competitive with pesticides, repels insects up to a month, pests do not build up resistance to Garlic Gard, can be used on sensitive plants and turf, no special handing or protective clothing, spray is harmless to beneficial insects


COMPOSITION: Garlic Gard is produced by a unique process that enhances the enzyme action which occurs when garlic (Allium sativum) is crushed creating concentrated garlic juice.  Garlic Gard is an EPA exempt, minimum-risk product.


APPLICATION METHOD: Apply diluted product as a spray or fog to the foliage of crops, plants, shrubs, trees, brush, and lawn areas prior to times when pests are anticipated. Wet plants to the point of run-off. Small spray droplet size is most effective. Apply as a preventative treatment and then repeat on a 10-14 day spray schedule to maintain repellency. For best results, do not apply within 12 hours prior to rainfall or irrigation.


APPLICATION RATE: Shake or stir product prior to mixing. Mix one part Garlic Gard with 50-100 gallons of water (3-6 tablespoons / gallon water). Use 20-40 gallons of the diluted mixture per acre (one gallon/ 1,000 sq. ft.). Use a few ounces of dishwashing liquid per tank to increase foliar contact and enhance performance.

Soil Tech Garlic Gard


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