Nemastop liquid is a new way to suppress nematodes that attack vegetables, fruits, turfgrass, and ornamentals.  Nemastop is a post-planting treatment that contains plant extracts and fatty acids that reduce the rate of infection by nematodes and fungi. Nemastop works by disrupting the physiological processes of the pest, including the root location mechanism of nematodes. Very effective against Root-Knot nematodes.


BENEFITS: An inexpensive alternative for nematode management, for use on turfgrass, ornamentals, and food crops, easy to use liquid formula is non-phytotoxic, and decreases the possibility of pest resistance.  Nemastop offers a unique opportunity to integrate a highly effective product, that is also environmentally friendly, into an existing nematode treatment program.


MODE OF ACTION: Nemastop reduces the feeding vigor of plant parasitic nematode species. It also improves a plant’s ability to withstand a variety of pathogens and environmental stresses. NEMASTOP prevents infection by nematodes and fungi.


APPLICATION: Apply Nemastop via boom, fan-jet, hand-carried or backpack spray equipment. Do not apply Nemastop through any type of irrigation system. Dilute Nemastop in water as specified in the table in the images.


USE SITE APPLICATION: Turf (treat every 30 days for nematode control or every 14 days for control of secondary infections by root pathogens), Ornamentals (apply during initial root flush and then every 30-60 days), Food Crops (apply during initial root flush and then every 60 days), and Orchards (apply during initial leaf flush and then every 60 days)

Soil Tech Nemastop


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