Permatrol kills on contact by smothering powdery mildew mycelium and preventing spore formation and dispersal. It causes immediate lysis, or destruction of fungus cells. The product has certain more complex fatty acid components, which leave a natural residue on plant tissue. This residue continues to suppress disease spores long after application, extending retreatment intervals. The residue gives fruits, vegetables and plant leaves a healthy, shiny appearance.


ORGANIC AGRICULTURE: Permatrol is a contact fungicide for use in an I.P.M. (Integrated Pest Management) program for control of powdery mildews. Permatrol is labeled for all crops and OMRI Listed for use in organic agriculture.


BENEFITS: Consistent Efficacy (Permatrol is one of the few “curative” materials that effectively kills powdery mildew mycelium and provides broad spectrum control of powdery mildew strains), Minimum Work Re-Entry Interval (two hours for greenhouses, zero hours for open fields, and can be used on day of harvest for pre-harvest intervals), and Improves Ornamental Plant Marketability (cleans and shines plant surfaces, making foliage more appealing to consumers)


APPLICATION: Permatrol needs to be applied only after powdery mildew is observed. Make the first application when powdery mildew infection is first observed. Make follow-up applications when powdery mildew infections are again observed. Under heavy infestations, two back-to-back applications 7 days apart may be required for control. Permatrol may be used alone, rotated with other contact fungicides or tank-mixed with protectant fungicides.


USE RATE: A rate of 0.5% volume to volume spray solution is optimum for control of light to moderate infestations of powdery mildew. A higher concentration up to 1.0% volume to volume may be necessary for heavy infestations of powdery mildew (see table in images for specifics).

Soil Tech Permatrol


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