Pond Kleen is a complete, ready-to-use concentration of special enzymes and bacteria that help improve pond water quality. The specific cultures in Pond Kleen have been selected for the rapid breakdown of excess nutrients, algae, and debris in lakes and ponds. The result of Pond Kleen applications is better water clarity, reduction of sludge, algae, and odors.


BENEFITS: Effective and cost competitive with chemicals.  Completely non-corrosive and non-caustic.  Won’t harm pumps, valves, fountains, or nozzles.  Non-toxic; safe for fish, animals, and people.  No special permits, handling, or re-entry delays.


APPLICATION: Pond Kleen may be applied anytime the water temperature is in the 60° F to 100° F range. For application, the dry material may be broadcast by hand or mixed in water (mix 3 lbs. dry product in 5 gal. of water) and poured into the pond.


USE RATE: Pond Kleen is applied at the rate of one pound per 100,000 gallons of water (or about 3 lbs. per acre-foot). The application should be made at monthly intervals during the season. An initial purge application at double or triple the regular rate may be useful to accelerate the bioaugmentation process.


BIOAUGMENTATION: The Pond Kleen technology is a chemical free process which helps break the cycle of stagnant water and unpleasant odors. Unlike algaecides, Pond Kleen digests and liquefies the organic wastes that build up in a pond. The bacteria and enzymes in Pond Kleen work quickly when placed in a pond, by digesting the organic matter and nutrients. By consuming these wastes and liquefying them through the bioaugmentation process, water clarity naturally improves.

Soil Tech Pond Kleen


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