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Multi-Purpose Hand Towels are waterless cleaners that cut through the toughest tar, grease, wax, ink, paint, lubricants, and adhesive. They are extremely versatile, and can be used for nearly any job, from cleaning tools, to wiping hands, to cleaning machinery and other surfaces.



  • Powerful grease removal on a convenient pre-moistened wipe
  • Abrasive towel material provides tough scrubbing action, but is non-scratching
  • Fortified with natural oils and an emollient so they won’t dry hands and skin, unlike similar products
  • Ideal as a point-of-use waterless cleaner


USE ON: Hands and arms, tools, machinery, automotive engines, automotive rims, automotive trim, baseboards, doorframes, and non-porous surfaces


EFFECTIVE AGAINST: Tar, grease and lubricants, paint, adhesives, wax, ink


DIRECTIONS: Scrub soiled surfaces with abrasive side of towel until the soil is loosened.  Use the smooth side to wipe surfaces clean.  Discard used towel.

Total Solutions® Multi-Purpose Hand Towels

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