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Instant Soap ‘n Water foaming cleanser (ISW) enables you to wash your hands in the field when you do not have access to hand-washing stations. It contains natural, saponified soaps (alkali salts of fatty acids) and water. The product may be used for cleaning hands, skin, and other surfaces such as Formica® laminate, stainless steel, porcelain, paint, and plastic.


Benefits of Instant Soap 'N Water® Foaming Cleanser

Instant Soap ‘n Water foaming cleanser is an excellent product when other washing facilities are not available, like a sink with running water.

  • Over 100 hand washes per container when used as directed.
  • The 9-oz size is convenient to take wherever you go
  • Subtle scent is pleasant and doesn’t linger
  • Hundreds of uses include surface cleaning


Guidelines for handwashing

  • Rub hands together so that soap lather covers all surfaces
  • Scrub palms, top of hands, each finger individually and rub tips of fingers (both sides) on opposing palm
  • Scrub thoroughly for at least 20 seconds


Soap and water are more effective than hand sanitizers at removing certain kinds of germs.


Hand sanitizers may not be as effective when hands are visibly dirty or greasy. Hand washing with soap and water is recommended in such circumstances.


Hand sanitizers might not remove harmful chemicals, like pesticides and heavy metals, from hands. Although few studies have been conducted, hand sanitizers probably cannot remove or inactivate many types of harmful chemicals. If hands have touched harmful chemicals, wash carefully with soap and water.


This information is for reference only. It is the responsibility of the user and/or buyer to verify the product is registered and appropriate for use in a given state and/or local area. Reference manufacturer’s website, if applicable, to verify product registration.

BASF Instant Soap 'N Water Foaming Cleanser


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