A dual-action DMI that controls disease with powerful precision.


Powered by Revysol® active ingredient, Navicon is a groundbreaking new broad-spectrum DMI combined with the plant health benefits of Intrinsic brand fungicides to provide turf-safe, highly effective control of some of the toughest diseases. This dual-action fungicide can be sprayed on any turf and at any temperature, and it delivers powerful plant health from the roots up. 


When you have Navicon as a rotation partner, you’ll get the healthy turf you want, no matter the temperature.


Navicon Intrinsic brand fungicide controls the toughest diseases including: 

Cool Season Diseases

  • Dollar spot
  • Anthracnose
  • Summer patch
  • Fairy ring

Warm Season Diseases

  • Spring dead spot
  • Fair ring
  • Bipolaris leaf spot
  • Take-all root rot


Key Benefits

  • Controls the toughest diseases
    • Over 15 diseases controlled
  • Anchored with Intrinsic brand plant health
    • Delivering plant health you can count on from the roots up
  • Advanced turfgrass safety
    • Spray on any turf, in any season – period
  • Unique dual-action chemistry
    • A DMI like no other combined with proven strobilurin chemistry


BASF Navicon Intrinsic Brand


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