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  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​ALL-IN-ONE: Chameleon is an all-in-on adjuvant | Nonionic surfactant, spreader sticker, wetter & penetrant for increased effectiveness of insecticides, fungicides & herbicides
  • COMBINATION EFFECT: Chameleon's surfactant action helps to: 1. Keep the Solution in Suspension 2. Reduce Surface Tension 3. Create Uniform Droplets for an Even Coverage 4. Cut Leaf Wax for Maximum Penetration 5. Stick Spray Solution to the Target 6. Reduce Evaporation Loss
  • ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: Chameleon's unique ingredient mix also helps to control drift of spray solutions & reduce foam resulting from mixing various solutions
  • PRINCIPAL FUNCTIONING AGENTS: Alkyl polyoxyethylene, polymerized resins & fatty acids: 17.6% | Reacted amines: 5.2% | Aromatic petroleum solvent: 4.9% | Inert solvents: 72.3%
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Add Chameleon to the spray tank/pump spray with good agitation, after all other spray materials have been added. Mix at a ratio of 1/4 oz Chameleon per gallon of spray solution or 1 pint Chameleon per 100 gallons of spray solution.

Chameleon Spreader Sticker, Surfactant & Penetrant - All Purpose Adjuvant

PriceFrom $22.95

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