Pivot Ultra Plus contains three active ingredients to help in flea management. A combination of adulticides and an insect growth regulator work together to manage flea populations in treated areas. One application of Pivot Ultra Plus kills adult and larval fleas, while the IGR affects hatching eggs.  Contains 1% Etofenprox, 30% Pyriproxyfen and 0.05% Prallethrin.  Available in 15 ounce cans.

  • Other Takeaways
    • Continuous flea protection for up to 90 days.
    • Kills 100% of fleas in 1 minute.
    • No PPE is required.
    • Can be used indoors/outdoors
    • Can be applied directly to carpets, upholstered furniture, pet bedding.


Product Type: Professional


Use Sites: For use in and on buildings and structures such as homes, apartments, hotels, offices, stores, warehouses, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, industrial buildings, vessels, rail cars, trucks, trailers, and aircraft (except cabins).


Effective Against: Fleas, roaches, ants (excluding Carpenter, Harvester, and Pharaoh ants), waterbugs, silverfish, crickets, sowbugs and carpet beetles


Active Ingredients: Etofenprox 1%, Pyriproxyfen 1.3%, Prallethrin 0.05%


Control Solutions Pivot Ultra Plus Aerosol


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