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Stryker 54 Aerosol Contact Insect Spray includes an injector that flushes insects out of cracks and crevices. Stryker 54 is useful as an inspection and identification tool. Contains 0.5% Pyrethrins and 4% Piperonyl Butoxide. Available in 15 ounce can.


Other Takeaways

  • Can be used for space treatment, on mattresses, indoors, outdoors, and in food handling establishments
  • Can be used in “green” or sensitive accounts
  • Contact kill – natural/botanical insecticide + synergists for quick knockdown and zero residue


Product Type: Professional


Use Sites: Space treatment, on mattresses, indoors, outdoors, in food handling establishments


Effective Against: Ants, bees, wasps, bed bugs, moths, flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes, spiders


Active Ingredients: Pyrethrins 0.5%, Piperonyl Butoxide 4%


This information is for reference only. It is the responsibility of the user and/or buyer to verify the product is registered and appropriate for use in a given state and/or local area. Reference manufacturer’s website, if applicable, to verify product registration.

Control Solutions Stryker 5-4 Aerosol

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