Doxem IG is a ready-to-use insect bait granule that can be applied by hand, with the included shaker cap, or with a spreader. 


EFFECTIVE AGAINST: American, Oriental and Turkestan cockroaches, ants, house crickets, field crickets, mole crickets and earwigs


BENEFITS: Starts killing in 24 hours, weather resistant for up to 14 days, for use indoors and outdoors, requires no mixing, does not require spray equipment, does not require watering in, does not require PPE, and is low odor


USE SITES: Lawns in residential, commercial, public and institutional landscaped areas, golf courses, parks, recreational areas, and sports and/or athletic fields (outdoor); Crawl spaces, attics, and basements of buildings or structures (indoor)


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Indoxacarb 0.22%, Novaluron 0.1%; Indoxacarb stops sodium ions from entering nerve cells. This causes paralysis and death.  Insects affected by indoxacarb will stop feeding and show lack of coordination or paralysis. Novaluron is a chitin synthesis inhibitor (CSI). This active ingredient interferes with the ability of the insect to produce chitin, an important part of the exoskeleton and causes abortive molting.

Control Solutions Doxem IG


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