Application Three in 4-application Fertilizer Program


Healthy turf provides increased resistance to disease and drought stress.  Apply MAXLAWN Lawn Food 26-0-4 to promote a lush lawn and improve overall color and density.  


Key Features:

  • Specially blended formula for fast green-up power
  • Promotes increased resistance to disease and drought stresses 
  • Provides a feeding of fertilizer to help improve the color, density, uniformity of the turf
  • Includes slow release nutrients for long-lasting feeding plus iron for deeper greening


When to apply:

Apply in summer and/or anytime throughout the growing season.


How to apply:

Apply evenly using a properly calibrated broadcast or drop spreader.  The fertilizer may be applied to dry or wet turf and a light watering after application will help activate the product sooner.  Avoid application in moderate to severe drought conditions and applying when temperatures are over 90°F as the turf may become stressed.


4-Application Fertilizer Program - Season Long Weed Control + Fertilization:

Application One: MAXLAWN Crabgrass Preventer with Lawn Food 22-0-4

Application Two: MAXLAWN Weed & Feed (24-0-4)

Application Three: MAXLAWN Lawn Food (26-0-4)

Application Four: MAXLAWN Fall Lawn Food Winterizer (22-0-10)


Guaranteed Analysis:

Total Nitrogen - 26%

Available Phosphate - 0%

Soluble Potash - 4%

Iron (Fe) - 1%


Benefits of Fertilizer:

Nitrogen: Gives dark green color to plants and promotes increased leaf and stem growth.

Phosphorus: Stimulates early root formation and growth. Gives rapid and vigorous start to plants and winter hardiness to fall seeding.

Potash: Increases disease resistance to plants. Essential to the formation and transfer of starches, sugars, and oils. Helps development of root system.

MAXLAWN Lawn Food (26-0-4)

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