Flying Insect Killer (FIK) aerosol insecticide contains fast-acting Tetramethrin and d-Phenothrin to provide fast knockdown of annoying flying insects in midair.



  • Safe for use on pet bedding to eliminate fleas and ticks
  • Its low-odor formula can be used when a mild scent is required


USE IN: Non-food areas of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings, and in households


EFFECTIVE AGAINST: Flies, gnats, mosquitoes, and small flying moths


DIRECTIONS: Shake before use.  Close all doors and windows, hold container upright, and spray upward into center of room with a slow sweeping motion.  Spray 5-10 seconds for average room.  Keep room closed for 15 minutes after spraying.  Ventilate room thoroughly before reentry, and sweep up and discard fallen insects.


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Tetramethrin (.2%) and Sumithrin (.2%) for fast knockdown of a wide variety of flying insects

Total Solutions FIK Flying Insect Killer


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