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High quality formulation specifically targeted to broadleaf and grassy weed control on ornamental turf, such as lawns, parks, cemeteries, golf courses (fairways, aprons, tees and roughs) and sod farms.


Product Type: Professional


Use Sites: ornamental turf, golf courses


Effective Against: clover, dollarweed, bahiagrass, foxtail


Active Ingredients: Metsulfuron Methyl 60%


Notes: For optimal control, the recommended adjuvant is a non-ionic surfactant.


Brand Alternative: Manor®


For use only on Kentucky Bluegrass, Fine Fescue, Bermudagrass, Centipedegrass, Zoysiagrass (Meyers and Emerald) and St. Augustinegrass turf areas.


This information is for reference only. It is the responsibility of the user and/or buyer to verify the product is registered and appropriate for use in a given state and/or local area. Reference manufacturer’s website, if applicable, to verify product registration.

Quali-Pro MSM Turf

PriceFrom $14.95

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